Flea and Tick Control topical


Tick Off Pet Mix: flea and tick natural topical for Dogs and Cats. 

Safe and effective year round deterrent of ticks and fleas.

Mix for dogs and Mix for cats are made form natural plant oils and are considered a low risk veterinary product by Health Canada.

Tick Off for dogs and Flea Off for cats are made from natural plant oils and are generally recognised as safe by the USA FDA and EPA.

The oils are formulated to make your pet smell and taste like a plant so that blood biting insects are not interested

This natural essential oil formula is safe and effective to help protect your dog and cat against biting insects. Their unique formula was developed out of their sincere passion for animals and concern for the environment. All of the ingredients are approved as food grade and the containers are lead and bpa free. In Canada it is called Pet Mix. In USA it is called Tick Off and Flea Off. Both labelled bottles contain the exact same formula. We carry both labels so at time of delivery you may get either label but feel confident it is the same effective, safe, natural formula.  Choose either dog or cat from the drop down menu. The dog formula is not safe to use on cats. 


Apply directly to skin at base of back of the neck, mid back and base of the tail. 3 drops per 10kg of weight at each location. For year round protection, apply every 2-3 weeks as required. To make a shampoo: add 1 dropper full to 30ml of glycerin base soap. 

Ingredients for Dog Mix:

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis: Sweet Almond Oil

Lavendula Angusfilolia: Lavender Oil

Commphora Myrrha: Myrrh Oil

Rosmarinus Officinalis: Rosemary Oil

Mentha Arvensis: Wild Mint oil

Cymbopogon Flexuosus: Lemongrass Oil

Pelagonium Graveolens: Geranium Oil

Cymbopogan Martini: Wild Indian Lemongrass Oil


Ingredients for Cat Mix:

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis: Sweet Almond Oil

Juniperus Virgiana: Cedar Wood Oil

Rosemary Officinalis: Rosemary Oil

Pelagonium Graveollens: Rose Geranium Oil

Salvia Scalera: Clary Sage Oil


Developed and made in Swift Current, SK Canada

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