Allergy Test Kit


Pet Allergy Test Kit by A.T MY PET

  • Discovers your dog's unique intolerances and sensitivities for over 100 factors.
  • Identifies the common household and environmental factors affecting your dog's wellbeing
  • Shows which foods you should avoid-and which may be safe-in your pet's diet.
  • Identifies both food and environmental allergens to keep an eye on. 
  • Provides a custom analysis report of around 150 food and environmental items that your dog may have sensitivities to.
  • Gives you a list of foods and household products you should avoid including laundry and cleaning products, tobacco and other household items.
  • Plus much, much more!
  • Results within 2-3 weeks.
  • Canadian product. Tested in Canada.
  • Price includes shipping of sample to test lab.
  • 2 kit sizes available. Small dog and Medium/Large dog. Small dog comes with smaller syringe ideal for dogs under 50lbs.


The number one issue with dogs today seems to be allergies. Itchy skin, rashes, upset stomach, gas, loose stools, diarrhea, paw licking and ear infections are just a few visible signs something is wrong. Symptoms can be mild to severe. We are sympathetic to how frustrating this can be for both you and your beloved dog. The first thing DOGsAGE recommends is to have your dog tested for allergies before we recommend any products. By learning what is affecting your dog you can easily change their diet and keep them away from the products they show sensitivity toward. 

This affordable, easy to use pet sensitivity test will help you discover the factors that may be grossly affecting your pet's wellness. Whether it's food or environmental, this test can help solve the problem. We believe that this test is the most complete intolerance and sensitivity test offered at the lowest cost available. Why spend hundreds of dollars when you can get accurate results available from this simple and quick at-home allergy test.

Often times the easiest solution to insensitivities in pets is to use medicated shampoos, expensive dog foods and prescription drugs. While all of these things may be helpful, they are only masking the problem and not getting to the cause. Most pet people know the long-term side effects of prescription drugs like steroids and antihistamines. Many also recognize that pet foods designed for sensitivities of pets while providing relief from these intolerances are also devoid of much of the nutritional value necessary to ensure a long and healthy life for your dog. We advocate discovering the cause of your dog's sensitivities and learning which food and products are best for your pet and which to avoid. 

Allergy Test My Pet recognizes that all dogs-like people-are different and many of our pets have sensitivities to foods and products that are not common. That is why we provide you with a measure of sensitivity to around 100 possible allergens. These allergens, while not always apparent are the ones your pet is most likely to come in contact with.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


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