Dog Support Harness Sling


Ginger Lead adjustable dog harness.

Perfect for:

  • Senior Dogs
  • Disabled or Handicapped Dogs
  • Orthopaedic Surgery Recovery
  • Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)
  • Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation
  • Helps Dogs Up & Down Stairs
  • Assists Getting In & Out Of Vehicles
  • Going Out To Go Potty

Weak Hind LegsArthritis in Knee, Hip or BackHip DysplasiaCCL (ACL) InjuriesDegenerative Myelopathy (CDRM)Canine Vestibular DiseaseBack or Spinal InjuriesCanine Cushing's DiseaseFCE / Fibrocartilaginous EmbolismCanine Wobbler SyndromeRear Leg ParalysisStroke Recovery. The integrated leash offers unparalleled control. 

Orthopedic Surgery Recovery AidTPLO / Knee SurgeryCruciate Ligament RepairPatellar LuxationTHR / Total Hip ReplacementFHO / Femoral Head OstectomyIVDD / Intervertebral Disk DiseaseLimb Amputation / Three Legged DogBroken Leg or Hip InjuriesConservative ManagementCanine Physical TherapyUsed in Veterinary Hospitals.

It is fully adjustable and may be attached to a collar for control of younger, more exuberant dogs recovering from orthopedic surgery or to a chest harness (not included) for older dogs needing additional support. Can detach for machine washing, or if your dog’s particular condition does not require the leash.

Quality You Can Feel:

Sling is Padded for Comfort + Holds it’s Shape = No Bunching! Patented Ergonomic Unisex Design Fits Male & Female Dogs. Built to Last with a Durable Pack Cloth Exterior. Soft Corduroy where the Support Pad Contacts a Pet’s Skin or Fur. Machine Washable & Dryable (except Mini must be air dried.) Proudly Made in Colorado, USA
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