Renal Care


Pet-tek Renal Care Formula is a premium natural supplement that is formulated to help animals that have been diagnosed with Renal Disease/Failure.

Milk Thistle Seed: Antioxidant that helps treat and prevent liver disease/damage by rebuilding liver cells while removing toxins from the body.  Helps reduce inflammation in the body, protects against airway inflammation, supports immune system, improves resistance to oxidative stress.  Supports cognitive function, stimulates neurons, helps inhibit the growth and proliferation of some types of cancer cells, helps prevent bone loss, helps learning and memory impairment.

Astragalus Root: Stimulates the immune system, spleen liver, lungs, circulatory system and the urinary system. Improves overall wellness. Antioxidant properties that inhibit free radical production. Helps in the treatment of arthritis, asthma, nervous system conditions, upper respiratory infections, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and the common cold.

Sarsaparilla Root: Helps purify the blood, reduces inflammation, protects the liver, removes toxins from the body.  Contains Saponin which has anti-inflammatory chemical compounds, helps kill fungus, bacteria, cancer cells and harmful microbes.  Aids skin health, longevity, improves immune function, lowers oxidative stress.  Helps digestion, improves gut health, helps relieve fluid retention, puffiness, swelling and stomach bloating.  Binds to endotoxins and helps make them less absorbable by the body, ultimately helping to control tissue damage caused by free radicals and inflammatory responses.

Chorella Algae: Detoxifies the body and removes heavy metals, toxins, radiation, chemotherapy. Supports immune system, improves cell activity, reduces oxidative stress, enhances the power of T-cells.

Cordycepts 4:1 extract: Boosts energy, increases oxygen uptake, enhances cellular energy products, detoxifies the body, improves kidney health. Strengthens immune system, stimulates production of “natural killer cells” that fight against infection and illness. Protects heart, helps balance cholesterol levels, regulates respiratory function, helps prevent cancer by shrinking tumors and slowing spread of cancer. Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic.

Taurine: Helps protect liver cells against oxidative damage, allowing the liver to efficiently remove harmful compounds from the body. Helps maintain proper hydration and electrolyte balance within the cells, aids in movement of minerals through the body, reduces inflammation and arterial thickening, helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Increases muscle contractibility helping muscles work harder, longer, safer. Essential in the formulation of bile salts which are needed for digestion.

Phosphatidylcholin: Aids liver repair by reducing fat accumulation in the liver, reduces liver enzymes associated with liver damage, protects against chemical toxins and pharmaceutical adverse effects, improves the structure and function of liver tissue, hepatoprotective effect which helps prevent liver damage. Helps prevent NSAID related gastrointestinal damage, decrease cholesterol saturation levels, boost cognitive function, breakdown fats in the body.

Stinging Nettles: Helps urine flow, gently cleanses the body of toxins, helps improve nutrient uptake efficiency, improves circulation, stimulates red blood cell production, contains boron which helps maintain calcium content in the bones. Anti-inflammatory properties helps autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, decreases joint pain, affects key receptors and enzymes in allergic reactions thus reducing their severity.

Turmeric Root: Powerful anti-inflammatory.  Potent antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals and helps increase the antioxidant capacity of the body, thus decreasing oxidative damage.  Helps boost Brain-Derived Neurotrophic factor (BDNF) which improves brain function and lowers risk of brain disease such as Alzheimer’s and Depression.  Can help reverse many steps in heart disease by improving the function of the endothelium (lining of blood vessels), helping to regulate blood pressure, blood clotting, and many other factors.  Can help prevent cancer, reduce the growth of new blood vessels in tumors, metastasis, and contribute to the reduction and death of cancerous cells.  Helps fight obesity and related symptoms.

L-Glutathione: Helps fight oxidative stress in the kidneys, reduces risk of kidney failure and improves kidney function, protects against liver damage and disease, antioxidant that is essential for healthy immune function and body detoxification processes, critical to preserving cellular integrity. Helps fight free radicals, infections and immune diseases. Helps decrease inflammation, repair cellular damage, limit neurodegeneration, improves sleep quality. Major factor in the regulation of life, proliferation and death of cancer cells, helps repair damage done by cancer drugs, helps lower risk of heart disease, decreases oxidative stress and tissue damage within the lungs.

Rosemary: Stimulates blood flow, boosts production of red blood cells, helps oxygenate vital organs, helps flush toxins efficiently during urination, helps push out pathogens, salts, toxins and excess fat. Anti-inflammatory, reduces inflammation of muscles, blood vessels, and joints. Improves mood, relieves stress, boosts memory, cognitive stimulant, increases memory retention. Boosts immunity by attacking diseases and pathogens that could threaten the immune system or damage the integrity of the body. Powerful antibacterial, helps fight against bacterial infections. Antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic, pain reliever.

Choline: Essential nutrient, used to build cell membranes, helps eliminate toxins that can cause liver conditions, supports heart health, helps relieve inflammation, aids memory recall and the maintaining of neuromuscular function.

Vitamin B6: Helps convert food into fuel by metabolizing fats and proteins. Maintains proper functioning of nerves, used in the production of red blood cells, helps lower heart disease risks, reduces symptoms of depression, helps treat anemia, helps prevent kidney stones, and improve memory and cognitive function.

Niacin: Helps improve HDL (high-density lipoprotein) function which slows the progression of CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) by slowing the decline in the eGFR (estimated glomerular filtration rate), GFR is an estimate of how much kidney function you have, if your GFR is low, your kidneys are not functioning well. Helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and metabolism, helps maintain and prevent diabetes, reduce the hardening of arteries, lower levels of joint pain, enhance muscle strength, balance blood cholesterol levels, helps brain function and protects against brain disorders.

Thiamin: Important on a CKD diet as natural sources are restricted. Stimulates production of red blood cells, helps convert carbohydrates into energy, breaks down various proteins and fats, promotes energy production, helps prevent heart disease, improves appetite and mental alertness, helps slow the progression of Alzheimer’s,

Pantothenic Acid: Helps produce energy and metabolize protein, fat and carbohydrates, boosts immunity, increases resistance to various types of infections, reduces body fatigue and weariness. Helps regulate cholesterol and blood pressure, manages diabetes and skin disorders, aids conditions like asthma, hair loss, allergies, stress, anxiety, respiratory disorders, heart problems.

Riboflavin: Helps digest and extract energy from foods by converting nutrients from carbs, fats and proteins into useable energy in the form of “ATP” (Adenosine triphosphate molecule is able to store and transport chemical energy within cells). Helps boost energy levels, maintain healthy blood cells, prevents free radical damage, supports normal vision and healthy skin.

Vitamin B12: Important on a CKD diet as levels are lower than normal. Needed by the body to synthesize DNA and RNA, produce red blood cells, conduct electrical nerve messages, stimulate metabolism and regulate brain function. Anti-inflammatory properties.

Folic Acid: Helps reduce oxidative stress on the liver, helps slows the progression of CKD, helps makes DNA for new cells, helps make red blood cells, helps prevent anemia, helps in the conversion of carbohydrates into energy, reduces risk of cardiovascular disease.

Biotin: Helps metabolic, nerve, digestive and cardiovascular functions. Helps produce energy and metabolize protein, fat and carbohydrates, helps prevent fatigue, protects brain function and fights cognitive decline, defends against inflammation, plaque build-up in the arteries, heart attacks, and stroke. Helps growth and maintenance of body tissues including repair and building of muscles. Aids skin and hair health.

Available in 75g

Dosage is based on weight: 
 Cats:     ½ scoop daily 
 Dogs:    0 – 9kg (0 – 20lbs) – ½ scoop
              9 – 18kg (20 – 40lbs) – 1 scoop
             18 – 27kg (40 – 60lbs) – 2 scoops
             27 – 36kg (60 – 80lbs) – 3 scoops
             36 – 45kg (80 – 100lbs) – 4 scoops
             45 – 54kg (100 – 120lbs) – 5 scoops
             54 – 63kg (120 – 140lbs) – 6 scoops
             63 – 72kg (140 – 160lbs) – 7 scoops

 120 scoops per bottle.

Caution: Do not use in animals with bleeding disorders unless directed by a veterinarian.

Caution: Do Not use in pregnant or lactating animals.

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