MYOS Muscle supplement for Dogs and Cats


MYOS Muscle supplement for Dogs and Cats

A groundbreaking supplement for animal muscle health backed by scientific  research and recommended by veterinarians. Whether your dog or cat is aging or recovering from an injury like acl or ccl tear, MYOS can help build muscle to help them get stronger. 

When it comes to aging, dogs are not much different from us. Like humans, they too face a host of age-related changes that affect their overall well-being. One such change that significantly impacts an older dog's life is muscle loss. As a devoted pet owner, it's crucial to understand what muscle loss means for your senior dog and the special care you can provide to support their journey through old age.

The Link Between Aging and Muscle Loss

Muscle loss, also known as sarcopenia in medical terminology, is a common condition in older dogs. As dogs age, they naturally lose muscle mass and strength, primarily due to a decrease in physical activity and metabolic changes. This decline can lead to decreased mobility, fatigue, and changes in body composition.

Recognizing Muscle Loss in Your Aging Dog

It's essential to watch for signs of muscle loss in your senior dog. You might notice changes in their gait, difficulty in climbing stairs or jumping, increased lethargy, or weight loss despite maintaining the same diet. If you notice any of these signs, it's time to consult your veterinarian for an evaluation.

Providing Special Care for Senior Dogs

Now that we understand the connection between aging and muscle loss in dogs, let's explore the special care you can provide to manage this condition.

Balanced Diet and Supplementation

One effective strategy for managing muscle loss is ensuring your dog has a diet rich in high-quality proteins. Proteins are the building blocks of muscle tissue and can help maintain and even increase muscle mass in older dogs.

Incorporating targeted dietary supplements can make a significant difference. One such supplement is the MYOS Canine Muscle Formula. This supplement, made with fertilized egg yolk, contains a natural compound called Fortetropin. Studies have shown that Fortetropin can effectively build muscle mass and slow the rate of muscle atrophy. By incorporating MYOS Canine Muscle Formula into your dog's diet, you can support their muscle health and overall vitality. However, every dog's nutritional needs are different, and these might change as your pet ages. It's always best to consult your vet or a pet nutritionist for personalized advice.

MYOS for Cats

Improve the quality of life for your feline, especially those living with chronic kidney disease (CKD). The management of CKD often includes the crucial task of maintaining a low protein diet, but this dietary limitation can lead to muscle loss, deteriorating the overall health and well-being of these feline patients.Myos Feline Muscle Formula is an innovative solution!Our product is the result of extensive research and rigorous testing. In a groundbreaking 12-week study conducted at North Carolina State University, Myos Feline Muscle Formula demonstrated its efficacy in increasing muscle mass in cats with stage 2 and 3 CKD - without affecting their renal markers. This outcome represents a major breakthrough in managing the muscle loss associated with CKD treatment, promoting better health outcomes and improved quality of life for your feline patients. (Poster attached below..)Key benefits of prescribing Myos Feline Muscle Formula include:1. Proven muscle mass increase: Myos promotes healthy muscle growth, combating the muscle loss often seen in cats with CKD.

2. Kidney-safe: Our research shows that Myos does not negatively impact renal markers, ensuring that it supports kidney health while providing its muscle benefits.

3. It is all-naturalWe believe every cat with Chronic Kidney Disease deserves the opportunity for improved health and vitality provided by Myos Feline Muscle Formula. By including this formula in your treatment plans, you can give your cat the strength to live their best lives, while ensuring their renal health is not compromised.


NOTE: The cat formula can be used for dogs. 

3 scoops of the cat formula is 3g. The dog formula is 3g per serving. 

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