Healing Magnetic Pet Pad


Magnetic Pet Pad by Serenity2000

Serenity2000 is a Canadian company that was established in 1991. They are an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of better quality, highly therapeutic magnetic products to bring vitality, energy and balance to the lives of humans and animals.

DOGsAGE collaborated with Serenity2000 to improve the lives of senior dogs. This waterproof, magnetic pet pad is designed to relieve pain and inflammation from injuries or health issues like arthritis. Bringing senior dogs healing comfort and renewed energy. Best used with the Magnetic Pet Collar for the first week. 

The magnetic pet pad can be used as a bed or placed under your dog's bed. Good for indoor/outdoor use. Can put a towel or favourite blanket on top for added comfort. 

Constructed with premium strength ceramic magnets cushioned in high-grade polyester fibres with a durable waterproof cover. Perfect for incontinent dogs. 

Size: 30"X 20" containing 54 magnets. 

  • Magnetic Material: Grade 8 ceramic.
  • Surface Gauss rating (strength): 1000 per magnet
  • Depth of Penetration: 20"D (50cm)
  • Magnet Polarity: North (-)
  • Cover: Polyester Oxford/OVC-Waterproof


The Serenity2000 Tag on pad facing up is the North polarity which provides Soothing, Calming, Healing effects for inflammation due to arthritis/osteoarthritis.

The Serenity2000 tag facing down is South polarity which promotes stimulating, activating, energizing healing effects only if there is no severe pain as it can sometimes aggravate the area by quickly bringing blood flow; resulting in increased pain and discomfort. Ideally south poliairy is for tissue injuries, bruises, burns when quicker healing is needed. 


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