Four Leaf Rover Turkey Tail Mushroom


Four Leaf Rover Turkey Tail Mushroom

Turkey Tail has been trusted in Chinese medicine to help with a variety health issues for centuries. Its ability to support proper immune function is thanks to a special polysaccharide called beta-glucan.

Our Turkey Tail mushroom is 3rd party tested to contain a minimum of 50% beta-glucan, which makes it one of the best choices for dogs needing natural immune support.

Our double extraction process makes sure that the beneficial beta-glucans and triterpenoids in Turkey Tail are bioavailable and able to enhance immune function.

Our mushrooms are grown in greenhouses on natural wood and substrates in filtered air. The whole mushroom is then double extracted and gently powdered, then tested for safety and a high beta-glucan content. 

It's important to note that most of the beta-glucan is found in the fruiting body of the mushroom. But it's expensive and time consuming to grow mushrooms this way. But we don't do things the cheap and inexpensive way. 

In comparison, many "mushroom" products are mycelium, which is just the "roots" of the mushroom. To produce this product, mycelium is put in plastic bags filled with sorghum, oats or rice, then put in a locker to grow. The mycelium is then ground up with the grains to make a high-starch product. Natural mushrooms are low in starch, averaging about 4% carbohydrate. 

The FDA doesn't allow mycelium products to say MUSHROOM on the package, but the market is saturated with these cheap mushroom alternatives. 

So how can you tell the difference between real mushrooms and the other guy (mycelium)?

Simply look or ask for the beta-glucan content. If the product doesn't provide the beta-glucan content (or if it's low), you can be fairly certain the product is mycelium and not mushrooms. And don't fall for a high polysaccharide content ... anything with a lot of starch will be high in polysaccharides. 

You can feel good about giving your dog our Turkey Tail. It's 3rd party tested for a high beta-glucan content and for safety, so your dog gets the unique mushroom benefits he needs.

turkey tail ingredients

Give orally daily or as directed by your veterinarian.

Body Weight Amount Per Day Daily Supply
1-30 lbs 1/16 tsp daily

240 day supply

31-60 lbs

1/8 tsp daily

120 day supply

61-100 lbs 1/4 tsp daily

60 day supply

101 + lbs 1/2 tsp daily

30 day supply

Net Contents: 1oz (28.5g)

What is Turkey Tail?

Turkey tail is a cloud mushroom found in many regions around the globe. It blossoms on dead wood. Turkey tail is unique in that it can survive and thrive all year long. Most mushrooms grow only in the warmer seasons. Turkey tail can survive during hot and cold temperatures.

Turkey tail includes more immune supporting beta-glucans than any other mushroom. For this reason, we recommend the combination of Immunity and Turkey Tail for more compromised immune systems.

How do I know if I have a real mushroom product?

Simple: ask for the beta-glucan content. Not the polysaccharide content, but the beta-glucan content. Beta-glucan is unique to mushrooms whereas polysaccharides and alpha-glucans are rich in the grains mycelium is grown in. We provide a third-party analysis with our mushrooms to show they're high in beta-glucans.  

How are your mushrooms grown?

Four Leaf Rover mushrooms are grown on wood. This process ensures your dog receives the benefits of the whole fruiting body and not just the mycelium. 

Mushrooms are expensive to grow on their natural substrate, so most mushroom manufacturers, and many of our competitors, grow just the mycelium in bags of oats, rice, or other grains.

Mycelium lacks the high beta-glucan content found in the whole mushroom. 

After harvest, our mushrooms are tested for heavy metals and pesticides, then double extracted for maximum quality and bioavailability.

Are your mushrooms water extracted or dried?

Our mushrooms are both hot water and alcohol extracted. The fruiting bodies need this double extraction to break down the cell walls of the chitin.

Extraction pulls out the beta-glucans. The extract is then dried into a powder with all the essential mushroom elements intact.

How do I know if your mushrooms are high quality?

Our mushrooms are certified organic, and free from heavy metals and pesticides. Every batch is tested for beta-glucan content to make sure the mushrooms are truly effective. No mycelium, no grains, and no starch ever. 

Can Turkey Tail be given with Immunity?

Immunity is a combination of 7 organic mushrooms that work synergistically, it includes Turkey tail. Chosen for their high beta-glucan content, the 7 mushrooms are best known for their ability to support the immune system.

For dogs with more compromised immune systems, we recommend adding our Turkey Tail product to Immunity to provide additional support.

Is it ok to give my dogs mushrooms more than once a day?

Yes! You can give orally once or twice daily or as directed by your vet.

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