Dogs First AC4 by Dr. Conor Brady


Dogs First AC4 Cancer Supplement 

AC4 contains a proprietary blend of sustainably harvested seaweeds and one red moss. Each has been proven effective in the fight against cancer (in humans and rats). We do not make any claims beyond this. As a potent antioxidative and anti-inflammatory and considering the sheer nutritional kick in seaweed, we do believe AC4 would make an excellent accompaniment to most conventional treatments but please ask your vet if on conventional medicines.

We know cancer is a beast and sometimes all you can do is throw the kitchen sink at it. 

The seaweeds used in this product have been selected for their anti-tumor / anti-
cancer benefits in a range of clinical animal studies (see here for studies).

  • inflammatory compounds such as fucoidans and fucoxanthin
  • rich in bioavailable nutrients
  • no artificial chemicals, additives or preservatives.


A blend of dry, milled green and brown seaweeds. Made in Ireland.


2g (1 Scoop) per 22lbs of body weight per day.

2 g scoop equals to 1/4 tsp.


300g biodegradable tub, includes 2g scoop.

When you should NOT use AC4…

There are no known drug clashes so far for AC4 therefore it should be safe to use alongside any recommended conventional treatments but please consult with a good veterinarian first. AC4 is a potent anti-inflammatory so if your vet is using further anti-inflammatories please ensure to remind them that your pet is using AC4

Further, it is not recommend to use AC4 in pets with Hyperthyroid issues.

If using any other seaweed products in your pet's diet do not exceed a 5% inclusion ratio of seaweed product to total feed.

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