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Dogs First Canident for Dogs and Cats oral health.

Good bye tartar and smelly breath. Canident is a blend of three brown seaweeds that are not only anti-inflammatory and highly nutritious but studies show (and our consistent 5-star reviews verify) removes tartar from dogs’ teeth in 5-8wks or your money back. Safe for cats too!

What is Canident?

Canident is a popular blend of brown seaweeds that contain unique polysaccharides which studies show soften and reduce the tartar on your dog’s teeth over time.

What makes Canident so effective at cleaning teeth?

  • No heat
  • High-quality seaweed
  • Great price
  • Money-back gurantee

Seaweed is only as good as the water it is grown in so we’re very particular where we get ours from. If the sea around it is polluted the plant will be lower in bioactive compounds (and potentially higher in the stuff you don’t want).

All of the seaweeds used in Canidnet are sustainably harvested out in the cool, clear, nutrient-dense Atlantic waters off the Irish west coast.

It’s important to remember too that many of the bioactive compounds (long-chain sugar). A mistake many competitors make is using heat in the drying process.

This is why, together with our no quibbles money-back guarantee should Canident not do what we promise, Canident is now the tooth cleaner of choice by vets many vets worldwide.

Why are my dog’s teeth dirty?

Your dog’s teeth are dirty because they lack abrasion in their diet (and don’t use a toothbrush!). A dry, kibble diet (or mushy canned food) is the chief culprit (8/10 dogs are dry fed, 8/10 have gum disease by the age of three years, it’s not a coincidence). Raw meaty bones are the answer to most tartar woes. They are free, safe, nutritious and highly effective when done correctly. Here’s how to feed raw bones safely to your dog.

Why are clean teeth important?

Dirty teeth are not just about a foul-smelling mouth. They are a big problem. From under that dark yellow crust bacteria are free to invade the blood-and-thus-nutrient-rich gums. The body does not sit around allowing that to happen. It fights back, sending lots of immuno-soldiers to the point of impact (visible as a swollen red line above your dog’s sore teeth). The problem is all this infection and immune debris creates an enormous amount of inflammation around the body, affecting many organs, most notably the kidneys which have to clear everything away. This is why in older animals it’s so important to keep those teeth free of tartar.

When you should use Canident

Any dog or cat with tartar needs Canident until at least the tartar is gone when a good bone once a week would keep most issues at bay (or a half dose of Canident, a maintenance dose we call it). No matter how bad that mouth is, as long as the dog is not visibly suffering, I would first be using raw meaty bones and Canident to try resolve the issue without the need for a general anaesthetic, particularly in a toy or old dog.

Please note…



Dosage for cats: 1g per 5kg of weight daily (start slow and build up.)


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