Furbabies Oil


FurBabies Cannabimimetics healing oil concentrations.

Our product was created because of our love and passion for animals, all things natural, and a life-long search for healthy alternatives to help our four-legged friends without having to turn to pharmaceuticals as the only option. 

  • Natural cannabimimetic and hemp terpene blend infused oral drops
  • Made with beneficial MCT oil derived from coconut oil
  • Easy to administer with controlled dosing
  • Promotes allergy, skin and coat health
  • Effective relief from all forms of general inflammatory and neuropathic pain 
  • The bacon flavour option is perfect for meat-loving furry friends


  • Provides relief from pains associated with old age or health ailments like arthritis.

  • Beneficial for skin & coat issues 

  • Can help lessen seizure activity

  • Can help with heart disease
  • Can lessen anxiety and improves mood by helping to self -focus
  • Reduces stress and pain while promoting relaxation 
  • Increase focus
  • Can reduce allergies and atopic dermatitis
  • Restores youthful vigor

  • May help with cancer and side effects associated with chemotherapy

Available in several concentrations based on pet's weight.  In either bacon or unflavoured.

100mg: Small Breed for pets under 25lbs. 1ml contains 3.3mg

150mg: Small/Medium breed pets 25-50lbs.  1ml contains 5mg

300mg: Medium/Large breed pets 50-75lbs.  1ml contains 10mg

600mg: Extra Large breed pets 75+   1ml contains 20mg

1800mg: Extended Care in a 50ml bottle for special cases. 1ml contains 36mg

Equine Care: 1500mg in a 50ml bottle. Pain or Calm concentration. 1ml=30mg

2400mg: 50ml bottle. 1ml=48mg

Our labeling denotes the total mg amount of the active cannabimimetic in each bottle, however, our cannabimimetic blend offers additional cannabinoid-like molecules.  If all properties are to be considered, the total benefit factors change the total mg count. 

100mg bottle = 126.80mg total cannabimimetic and cannabinoid-like molecule total

150mg bottle = 190.20mg total cannabimimetic and cannabinoid-like molecule total

300mg bottle = 380.40mg total cannabimimetic and cannabinoid-like molecule total

600mg bottle = 768.80mg total cannabimimetic and cannabinoid-like molecule total

1800mg bottle = 2282.40 total cannabimimetic and cannabinoid-like molecule total

Ingredients: MCT Oil, Hemp Terpenes, Proprietary Cannabimimetic Blend, Natural Bacon Flavour containing no meat (if ordering flavour option)

Made in Canada. Packaged in opaque white glass bottles. Keep out of direct sunlight. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Fabulous service

appreciate your fabulous service.

Karen Young
Significant Improvement

It seems every day, she returns a little bit to her old self. One day she got up and walked into the kitchen. One day she put her paw around me. One day she laid by the front door while I was out. One day she rolled onto her back. One day she trotted to the front door when someone used the knocker.
Today she drank from the “bowl of hope” which is the water bowl that I refresh daily at her eating station that she hasn’t used for over a month because I have been hand feeding her.
I work from home, and always have since I’ve had her, and today she gave me the same old signals that it’s time for a walk.
So a month ago, she could not get up on her own. Today she gets up on her own two or three times or more depending on what’s going on.
Today’s improvement Moxie sat when I handed the cbd treat bag to my friend to give her one.
She hasn’t been able to sit for treats in a very long time, nor has anyone asked her to because I could see it was causing her discomfort to “sit."
I’m very thankful to both of you (Tami of FurBabies & Laura of DOGsAGE), as in my heart I believe it’s the CBD combined with the all the positive vibrations being sent to the universe on her behalf.

Amazing product for injury!

My 7 y/o cat tore her ACL, couldn't bare weight on her back right leg. I thought here we go, $$$$$$ in vet bills. I was really worried about her but decided to try this product first. After just 2 days on FurBabies 100mg oil she could bare weight on it and was walking better with a slight limp. Day 3 we upped the dose and now there's barely a limp, saw her stand on back 2 legs to get up on the coffee table. As an aside her skin and fur is the softest it's ever been. Think I'm going to keep her on this product for life both to heal, maintain and prevent other health issues. Thank you DOGsAGE for helping me get her started on it.

Furbabies and DOGsAGE won me over.

My 6 y/o Husky mix had injured his knee. Walking on 3 legs. Vet prescribed Meloxicam, Gabapentin and Cartrophen shots. Meds made him sick, vomiting, shots worked twice but not 3rd time. So glad a friend recommended DOGsAGE for natural remedies.Last week I received my first shipment of Furbabies and pet cell. Included was the Daily Enhancer. I noticed an improvement in Joey’s back knee within days. Thank you! I appreciated the way the order was wrapped and the “freebies” excellent marketing strategy. I was considering another company but you won me over. Especially the response from Laura.

DOGsAGE is Phenomenal

Laura at DogsAge is PHENOMENAL. I messaged Laura one late evening at 10 pm desperate with my 12 year old Great Pyrenees Lexi. I had gotten her info from a friend of mine. We had just moved and she was having a hard time adjusting to inside the house. Lexi is a special soul. Laura responded right away with reassurance compassion and love. She truly LOVES all dogs especially those seniors.
I drove up the next day to pick up the package she had put together for sexy Lexi with amazing notes written on the package.
We always look forward to those sweet kind notes written on the boxes or bags when we pick up our order. She is always available. Always compassionate and helpful. She is also extremely knowledgable and always paying it forward to rescues and places that look after seniors. Seniors are especially challenging at times.
Laura THANK YOU from us and the ladies. Lexi is 12.5 and doing far better. We are lifetime customers.
Words are a mere skimming of the gratitude we all have to you Laura. Thank you for your unconditional love and support for my sweet senior Lexi. Laura is the real deal!
Jana Lexi and Abby.

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