Pork Chop's and Applesauce Healing Treats


Medicinal treats

Pork Chop’s Story: He was a very special Pug with a very special mom whom he inspired the creation of the Fluff Trough. An elevated feeder for specially-abled pets. In Pork Chop’s senior years he developed an inoperable brain tumour. These treats were created in his honour to help other dogs fighting cancer. Proceeds of Pork Chop’s & Applesauce will be donated to people and their pets with cancer. Thank you for your purchase.

Love, Organic Apples with skin, Turmeric, Organic Coconut Oil, Black Pepper, Medicinal Mushrooms (FurBabies Power Blend Mushroom+: cordyceps, lion’s mane, shiitake, reishi, turkey tail, ashwagandha root) Ground Flax Seed, Bone Broth (pork bones, water, garlic, apple cider
vinegar, chopped ginger, parsley)

For Dogs:
XS (1-10lbs) = 1/4 cookie Small (10-20lbs) = 1/2 cookie Medium (20-50lbs) = 1 cookie Large (50-100lbs) = 2 cookies X-Large (100+ lbs) = 2 cookies + 1 cookie per additional 30lbs.

Made in Canada by Tiny Green Paw www.tinygreenpaw.ca

Room temperature use within 12 months. Refrigerated use within 18 months. Frozen use within 24 months.

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