Help for Your Young-at-Heart Senior Dog May 4, 2017 10:27


Hi. My name is Laura Ducharme, owner of, and I’m obsessed with the health of senior dogs.

I love it when people stop me on the street and ask how old my “puppy” is. My special senior, Sadie, is 9 1/2 years young and stronger than ever. She was the inspiration for DOGsAGE.

I rescued Sadie a few years ago when I was hosting the TV show Fido & Wine - a cooking show inspiring nutritional meals beyond kibble. That’s when my passion for a dog’s health really ignited. I quickly realized older dogs have special needs way beyond diet. Dogs at this life-stage also need extra care to keep their aging bodies in tip-top shape, including the right supplements to keep their brain and other internal systems performing at their best.

While searching for the best products for Sadie, I found a lot of products and services on the market for senior humans but it was hard to find provisions for senior canines. I thought, “If only there was a one stop shop for the essential products they need.” In that moment, DOGsAGE was born.

DOGsAge is an on-line retail store specializing in health and wellness products for older dogs. I’ve weeded through all the marketing jargon and have carefully selected products that are beneficial, effective, safe, offer great value and are backed by reputable manufactures. I’ve put all of the essential products for senior dogs in one place and made them easy for you to find. Best of all they are delivered right to your door! From head to tail, inside and out, is your one stop, on-line shop.

There’s nothing that makes me happier than helping owners of senior dogs improve their furry family member’s health and vitality. Through this blog, I’ll be offering you solid advice on senior dogs. I’ll help you to find answers and solutions to your dog’s special needs. Together, we’ll share stories celebrating our “puppy’s” golden years.

Welcome and thanks for being here!