Skin & Coat Supplement

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Progility Skin & Coat with Icelandic Krill Omega 3 & Probiotics

  • PROMOTES SKIN AND COAT HEALTH IN DOGS – Progility Skin & Coat soft chews use a combination of ingredients to improve the overall health in a dog’s skin and encourage a shine in their coat. Among the ingredients are EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) & DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), both of which are plentiful in omega 3s.
  • SUPPORTS DIGESTIVE HEALTH IN DOGS – Progility Skin & Coat soft chews with probiotics do more than promote skin and coat health. The probiotic ingredients aid in the process of absorbing nutrients, thereby encouraging good digestive health.
  • SUPPORTS JOINT HEALTH IN DOGS – These chews also contain krill oil, which encourage joint lubrication and contain antioxidants associated with defending cells against disease-causing damaging free radicals. These chews also contain flaxseed oil and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • COLD PRESSED – Progility soft chews are manufactured using a modern production process called cold pressing, which utilizes cold temperatures to retain maximum efficiency of ingredients compromised by heat.
  • FOR DOGS OF ALL SIZES – Comes in a container holding 90 soft chews. A single container is enough to provide daily doses of chews to dogs of all sizes.

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