Ledum Palustre 200C


Ledum Palustre 200C for tick-borne disease prevention.

Boiron Ledum Palustre 200C is the foremost remedy for any kind of animal bite. It is used by homeopathic doctors to prevent lyme disease from a tick bite. With more than 85 years of expertise, Boiron is a trusted brand that prides itself on quality manufacturing and responsible environmental practices. All products are made according to the highest standards of cGMP and formulated with HPUS ingredients for purity.

Benefits and Features:

    • A single active ingredient for highly targeted relief.
    • No known interactions with other medications, herbs, or supplements.
    • Pellets melt in mouth without the need for food or water.
    • Ideal for adults, children and dogs.
    • No artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, or preservatives.
    • Includes one easy dispensing tube of approx. 80 pellets (16 doses).
    Give the first dose of this remedy at the time you remove the tick.
  • Continue dosing with Ledum every 3 hours for the first day
  • Then, dose twice daily for a week
  • After the first week, dose twice weekly for a month
  • Then once per week for another month


Day 1:  3 pellets right away. Then 3 pellets every 3 hours

Week 1:  3 pellets twice a day. 

Month 1:  3 pellets twice a week.

Month 2: 3 pellets once a week. 

It is important not touch the pellets as you can alter the medicinal remedy of the homeopathic medicine. Give directly from lid. NOTE: No food for 20 minutes before or after. 


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