FurBabies Feline Easy Joints


FurBabies Feline Easy Joints for Cats

Specifically formulated for Feline Pain & Arthritis  

A combination of CBM and adaptogens that target pain and arthritis in felines.

Our Cannabimimetic (CBM) Blend is our proprietary blend of plant compounds. 

CBM BLEND Contains the same compounds as in the full spectrum FurBabies oil with the added adaptogens targeted to help feline inflammation and joint pain:

  • Cone Flower (Echinacea) – immune function, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and have hormonal, antiviral, and antioxidant effects.
  • Myrcene (from Mangos) Terpene: plant possesses anti-inflammatory, analgesic and sedative activities.
  • Turmeric: including arthritis, inflammation, digestive disorders, respiratory infections, allergies, liver disease, depression.
  • Maca: muscle mass, energy and endurance. rich in vitamin B vitamins, C, and E. It provides plenty of calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and amino acids.
  • Beta-Caryophyllene (West African Black Pepper) – Inflammation, Pain, Calming effect,  activates a response in the CB2 (cannabinoid receptor) receptor in the body that deals with pain and other inflammatory pathways.
  • Camelia Sinensis: anticancer, anti-oxidant, and antimicrobial activities.
  • Frankincense: inflammation, respiratory, anticancer, anti-oxidant, gut health.

Additional Ingredients: 

Spirulina: Inflammation, antioxidant, omega-3&6, vitamins E, C, and B6, Anticancer.

Ashwagandha Root: Immune support, inflammation, pain relief, arthritis in felines.                                

Cordyceps: Tonifies lungs and kidneys                                                      

Lion's Mane: Cognitive, protective to cells                                                              

Shiitake: Improve energy levels and brain function, inflammation, immune system.
Reishi: Adaptogenic/stress support
Turkey Tail: Immunomodulator

  • A source of fungal polysaccharides with immunomodulating properties and antioxidants that help protect cells against the oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

Feline Easy Joint Oral Drops can be placed directly into cats mouth or placed on food or treats.  

50ml bottle. Product of Canada

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Excited to try Feline Easy Joints for my 3-legged cat

Love what you do, your products and the customer service is like no other. And not to mention that packaging, so much love goes into them. Always makes me smile and feel good. I’m very excited to try this with her as I want to make sure that she’s not feeling any type of pain.

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