Fluff Trough


Fluff Trough Elevated Dog Bowl

The first feeder of its kind! The Fluff Trough's unique design is great for messy eaters. Fluff Trough is a patented feeder invented by a dog mom looking for a better way to feed her pug who struggled to eat from traditional feeders. Available in four different colors: black, grey, teal or purple. 



    The classic design looks great in any kitchen or dining room and can even be used on the go! Each Fluff Trough includes one matching dishwasher safe silicone insert to help make cleaning easy and a set of removable silicone feet to help prevent the bowl from sliding around on the floor. 


    • Non-toxic, vet approved, food safe, dishwasher safe, and BPA free. 
    • The Fluff Trough base is made from food-safe plastic and comes with FDA approved black silicone feet.
    • The silicone insert is made from FDA approved food-safe silicone.
    • Both pieces are dishwasher safe.
    • Height: The base of the bowl (where the food is placed) is 5 inches from the ground. 
    • Dimensions:  7.25 x 7.5 x 10 inches 
    • Capacity: 2 cups


    The Fluff Trough Binge Blocker is a vet-approved, non-toxic elevated slow feeder designed to promote slower eating. No more big gulps of food in one bite. Perfect size food pockets to challenge fast eaters. 

    The Binge Blocker insert is made from FDA approved silicone and is food and dishwasher safe. It includes the base and Binge Blocker silicone insert. 

    The Binge Blocker is one of the only slow feeders on the market specifically designed for flat-faced pets, but can also help slow down other pets that benefit from elevated feeders. 


    • Non-Toxic, vet approved, food safe, dishwasher safe, and BPA free. 
    • The Binge Blocker holds dry, wet and raw food. 
    • The Fluff Trough base is made from food-safe plastic and comes with FDA approved black silicone feet. 
    • The Binge Blocker insert is made from FDA approved food-safe silicone. 
    • Both pieces are dishwasher safe.
    • Capacity: 2 cups


    The Fluff Trough XL is a larger version of the beloved Fluff Trough made specifically for larger breed pets. It is currently available in grey and black colours.

    The Fluff Trough XL works for a wide range of dog breeds. Please note the dimensions:  9"W x 9"D x 13"H at back. Food trough is 7"H from the ground.  The Fluff Trough XL is heavier and more sturdy than traditional dog feeders. If you have a taller dog, you want to consider adding Stackable Fluff Trough Lifts

    The Fluff Trough XL classic design looks great in any room. Each Fluff Trough XL includes one matching dishwasher-safe FDA approved silicone insert to help make cleaning easy and a set of removable silicone feet to help prevent the bowl from sliding around on the floor. 


    The Fluff Trough Stainless Steel Set includes a Fluff Trough base, non-slip feet and stainless steel insert. The Fluff Trough Stainless Steel Insert is meant to be a water bowl, but can be used as a food bowl. 

    The Stainless Steel front lip is higher than the regular Fluff Trough Silicone and Binge Blocker Silicone insert to allow for more water storage. If your pet is shorter, please be aware of the height difference.  

    The Fluff Trough Stainless Steel Insert holds approximately 2.25 cups (18 ounces) of water.

    Click on this link to see Fluff Trough reviews.

    Please note: Use of MCT oil can be absorbed by silicone which may lead to softening and deterioration, thereby increasing the risk of cracking. Avoid using MCT oil on silicone pet products. If you supplement your pet's diet with MCT coconut oil, we suggest using the stainless steel instead for best results. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Great Service

    Wonderful, great service. Thank you very much

    Sara Monroe
    Fluff Trough Wow factor with DOGsAGE

    Wow! What beautiful packaging and generosity. Thank you so much for your kindness and all the sweet extra touches. Our pugs can't wait to try out their Fluff Troughs

    Best thing for my Frenchie!

    I literally hummed and hawed for years before I bought my Frenchie a fluff trough, not sure why I didn’t do it sooner. It’s helped him with his fast eating/occasional tummy issues from eating fast. Highly recommend!!!

    Hi Brianne,
    We are thrilled that your boy is loving his Fluff Trough. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback to help others with this purchase decision. Cheers to his good health!

    Malinda Janzen
    Great product to upgrade!

    We upgraded! The larger size is perfect and we added the lifts… she loves it. Food sits at the perfect height. I don’t love the silicone insert for water flops everywhere spills etc. when is the XL stainless steel insert coming out? Also find the lift feet hold water (my squishy face is messy at the water bowl) and the rubber bottoms you have to attach don’t really fit the shape of the lift.

    Hi Malinda.
    I so appreciate your business and your feedback on the review you left. Glad to hear the XL and lift combo is working out better for your girl. I'm happy to help with your inquiry.
    The FDA Silicone insert was designed for food only. The Water Hole insert will have a higher/taller lip so it can actually hold water where the FDA silicone is designed so the dog can access food as easily as possible. If you still want to use it for water, then perhaps try using less and see if that works. Fluff Trough is planning on releasing the XL Stainless SteelWater Hole insert next year but currently the XL Slow Feeder insert is a priority. They are a small business and the cost and care it takes them to release new products is enormous. They only have the resources to release one new product at a time. Regarding the silicone feet for the risers, I know they can initially be a bit finicky to put on the right way. Other clients have hot glue/super glued the rubber feet on, or they use the risers without them. All our best to your sweet squishy!

    Reply back from Malinda:

    Thanks for your response I’ll try glueing the rubber on to the feet that’s a great idea I didn’t even think about. An XL slow feed!! I’m going to have so many silicone inserts… Looking forward to the stainless insert coming next year. They have been great and on time when they say they are going to release a product.

    Best Dishes Ever

    After months of searching for the right dishes finding these I was a little sticker shocked. I kept looking to find the right dishes for my pug for a reasonable price but still could not find anything that was right so came back and bought 1 food trough and 1 water trough with an extra liner for each and I am so glad I did. well worth the money to know that my pug can eat and drink properly and never have to worry about buying more dishes. As soon as I put them down he went to eat and instantly I could see how much easier it was for him. Would recommend these to anyone with a flat faced dog. Best invention. Best Dishes hands down. Loved that they personalized the packaging to my Winston made it more fun.

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