Flea & Tick Bug Spray


Natural bug spray.  Flea, tick, mosquito protection.

Totally Raw Outdoor Spray. Formulated and produced in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Active Ingredients: Neem oil, lemongrass oil, cinnamon oil, sesame seed oil and castor oil.

  • Neem Oil -  Need we say more. 
    • Lemongrass oil – When formulated into a spray for pets, promotes a shiny, healthy coat. As well as helping to repel fleas, ticks & mosquitoes
    • Cinnamon oil – A versatile essential oil widely used in the household. It is an effective environmentally-friendly ingredient. Added bonus, helps to repel ants.
  • Sesame oil – A rich, almost odorless oil derived from tiny sesame seeds. When combined with other essential oils, promotes the health of your pet's skin and coat.
  • Castor oil – Castor oil has been used for years by veterinarians.


Shake well before use. Spray generously on pet, including stomach and legs. When applying to your pets head, spray solution onto the palm of your hand and carefully wipe into your pet's neck, ears and face-avoid eyes and nose. Re-apply daily or as needed. 

Safe and effective for human use. Can be used on cats if sprayed lightly.

Size: 250ml

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