Woof Creek Natural Ocean Bites with Whitefish and Cranberries Treats


Woof Creek Natural Ocean Bites with Whitefish and Cranberries

All-Natural, limited-ingredient Ocean Bites are made from sustainably sourced whitefish and ripe cranberries blended into raw, freeze-dried bites! These ‘cooling’ (TCVM) novel protein, Rawr Bites are intensely aromatic (but actually not too fishy for pawrents' noses!) high value, bite-size treats that your dog will taste before they even hit their tongue! These high-value rewards are a mouthful of flavor for any size dog and the perfect size training reward or healthy meal topper, with only 1kcal per bite!! These natural omega-3 and antioxidant dog treats fit perfectly in many pet cams, treat pouches, or your pocket!


  • Whitefish
  • Cranberries
  • Vitamin E (natural preservative)

Each pouch is 3 oz / 300+ bites

Natural wholesome ingredients and simple recipes

Woof Creek's Crunchy Rawr! Bites are perfect for dogs (& cats!) who benefit from alternate, novel proteins or pet parents want to incorporate the benefits of a clean, raw food diet. These intensely flavorful treats are crafted using sustainably sourced protein and ripe dried berries. Simple natural ingredients blended and then freeze dried into the perfect size for on-the-go or training treats. They’re the perfect puppy or kitty treats or any-size dog raw treats! Your dog will absolutely crave their irresistible flavor, tiny or giant!

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