Extra Strength Silver Gel


Silver4Wellness Extra Strength Structured Silver Gel

This EXTRA STRENGTH Silver Gel for Pets has been activated for maximum strength. At 35 parts per million (ppm) of silver it is the strongest silver gel offered providing an optimal gel for added immune support. * It promotes the safe, natural healing process*. Does NOT contain TEA. Structured silver is different from colloidal silver. It is ph balanced.

100ml Gel Pump.

Whether your pets live indoors or outdoors they will be healthier, cleaner and happier when you take advantage of all of the amazing benefits of our structured Silver. Our gel provides healing benefits for the smallest animal such as birds, cats, dogs all the way to larger mammals such as horses. 

Our antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal gel can be applied as needed to the affected areas.


Highly purified and structured water, carbopol, sodium bicarbonate, silver, citric buffer

Most common uses:

Ear, Eye Infections
Excessive paw licking
Skin irritations, including yeast
Bug bites
Wound healing, scars



topical for leaky bladder health

Silver liquid or gel can be added to drinking water, taken orally and applied topically.  

Structured Silver liquid and gel will destroy the bacteria, viruses, yeast and numerous parasites if the silver stays in contact with the pathogen for 6 minutes. 

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