Earth MD Flea & Tick Prevention Powder Outdoor Shield


Outdoor Shield Flea and Tick Prevention by Earth M.D.

A naturally effective alternative to expensive, toxic chemicals. See ingredients below. Current inventory expiry dates: 100g pouch 09/2025 and 300g canister 02/2026

Outdoor Shield powder supports digestive health, promotes a healthy immune system to help protect them against nasty biting insects like fleas and ticks.

Your pet consumes the powder in their food and it transforms their blood to be poisonous to pests, killing fleas and ticks when they bite. This Outdoor Shield formula works from the inside out. The small amount of garlic ingredient comes out in your pet's skin through their blood and smells horrible to ticks and fleas. Thankfully it doesn't make our pets smelly to us!

Reported Functions:

  • Deters insects from biting
  • Makes pets smell bad to insects

Recommended Use To Repel Insects Such As:

  • fleas
  • ticks
  • mosquitos
  • black flies
  • other biting insects

Ingredients: Quassia Bark, Neem Leaf, Spirulina, Garlic.

Learn about the benefits of these natural ingredients from owners of Earth MD Bobby and Julia in this youtube video: Outdoor Shield

100g bag: 1 tsp is approximately 1.3g


In low risk areas we recommend giving it to your pets for a week every other month. In high risk areas we recommend one week every month. We also recommend doing 10 days for high metabolism pets like puppies/kittens. There is no harm in giving extra as it is not poisonous to mammals. 

Feeding Guide: dose can be divided per meal.

  • < 25lbs: 1 tsp
  • 25-75lbs: 1 1/2 tsp
  • >75lbs: 2 tsp

Consider using DAILY ENHANCER  to help mix Outdoor Shield into their food. 

We highly recommend purchasing a tube of Ledum Palustre to have on hand in your first aid kit in the event your dog has a tick attached for more than 24 hours. 



Excellent Product

Posted by Susan S. - California on 2022 Jun 1st

I started looking for a natural flea and tick product when my Bischon started having seizures after using a prescription pill. I've used Outdoor Shield for over a year fleas, no ticks! It is worth the shipping costs for my furbaby!

Excellent Product

Posted by Kathy Asling on 2022 May 12th

Keep your pets safe and away from pesticide products. This product is recommended and used by our rescue.

Outdoor Shield

Posted by Cheryl Newton on 2022 Apr 24th

I just received this product a few days ago, the dogs have had 3 out of the 7 day dosage, it smells wonderful! Even my fussy Mini Schnauzer will eat it mixed with her meal, so I am hoping it works, I will not use any poisons this summer, probably why our pets die so young. Will write another review later on in the summer to see if it works, so tired of peeling ticks off my 3 dogs.


Posted by Vanessa L on 2021 Aug 8th

I tried this for the first time this summer, started in April and still using ot until October. One order is enough for the whole season April to October. It works very well my dog and I are always in the forest or in fields and she had only one tick in April but it was dead when I noticed so it works!!! I recommend that natural product!!

Outdoor shield

Posted by Lynda on 2022 May 15th

I have given a one week treatment to both my dogs and so far so good. My plan is once a month for the summer peak season and then every 2 months after that. The shipping costs are really nasty and that is a big set back.

Outdoor Shield

Posted by Cheryl L. Newton on 2022 May 6th

this is my second bag of Outdoor Shield ,still using the first bag but didn't want to run our. No more ticks on the dogs, amazing and they love the product, I mix it into their food, even my fussy Mini Schnauzer likes it. so happy to have found a natural product, no more chemicals for my dogs.

    • Outdoor Shield is my new go-to!

      Posted by Brittany Kairos on 2021 Sep 22nd

      I was looking for a natural solution for flea and tick care since the collars I used left bald spots on my dogs neck and I always prefer to go without chemicals where I can. I was recommended this from someone related to a vet in Canada. I have been using for about 6+ months now and am happy to report that this product is actually working for us! I have this item shipped to US and don't even mind paying extra for shipping because it is worth it! My two big dogs don't mind eating it, but my little dog does- I think it might overpower his food taste... I give it to him mixed with a little water to make a paste and just rub it on his tongue instead. It requires a bit more attention than just dabbing a solution on them or strapping on a collar- but only for one week every other month. To me, it is well worth it knowing that they are getting a healthy alternative for flea and tick preventative care. Highly recommend to anyone. Please always make this product!

    • Efficient

      Posted by Vanessa L on 2021 Aug 8th

      I tried this for the first time this summer, started in April and still using ot until October. One order is enough for the whole season April to October. It works very well my dog and I are always in the forest or in fields and she had only one tick in April but it was dead when I noticed so it works!!! I recommend that natural product!!

Outdoor shield

Posted by Christina on 2021 Jul 30th

Have used this product for 2 years now. Never had a flea or tick on my dog. Great product.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Linda Graham
Tick and Flea Prevention

I have only given Marcus his first 7 day treatment and it went well. He’s a picky eater but when it was added to his meals, he ate it with no problem. Quick question: what months should this be given to avoid ticks and fleas. Thanks

Glad to hear Marcus The Potcake is being protected naturally and has no problem eating it in his meals. He should be given it every month for 7 days all year round now the temps here are getting warmer. If it drops below 3 degrees consecutively then you can stop. Note: if he is really active and you live in a heavlity tick populated area it is recommended you feed it monthly for 10 days instead of 7. All my best to our Canadian Citizen boy!

Earth MD

I was staying in Mexico for a few months and finding ticks on my dog at least 3 times a week. I didn't want to use the toxic medications the vet recommends because it's already harmed my dog in the past so I was looking for something more natural. I used Earth MD for 2 months and in that time only found 1 tick on my little girl. I contribute this to Earth MD so would highly recommend it to any dog owner who wants something that's good for their dog.

Thanks for your review. We are so glad that you are protecting her naturally.

Earth Md Outdoor Shield

Our border collie/ sheltie rescue has been on this powder year round for 4 years! I mix it in yogurt and he laps it up! Awesome product👍👍

That is fantastic to hear! Thank you for your product review. It helps us get the word out about safe and effective natural flea and tick protection. Additionally your review will help pet parents know they can trust this product. All our best to your best boy.

Beth Duncan
The Best Part Is...

I loved having a natural product after our cat started showing neurological symptoms from the vet treatment. This worked on both our cat and dog, and they liked the taste.
Funny husband thought this was a protein powder and started adding it to his shakes. I couldn't figure out how I went through the bag so quickly so i made him stop. The following month while on vacation in Jamaica, my husband found a tick in his leg.

Thank you for your review Beth. So glad you switched to natural flea, tick and heartworm protection for your cat and dog. No more neurotoxins for your babies. Keep being their voice. Hilarious story about your husband using it in his shakes. Earth MD Outdoor Shield also acts as a digestive aid so it did him some good I'm sure. Truth be told, we have other clients that use this powder in their smoothies and also encapsulate it to take it themselves. LOL.

Laura Ducharme-Owner of DOGsAGE
The best natural flea and tick protection for your pets

Not only do I sell the product, I use it for my own dogs because I believe it is the best natural protection for them. I have been using this formula for over 7 years. We live in the forest, near water and tall grass. My dogs are very active romping around outdoors most of day. This product protects them from all the pesky bugs. In all the years using this formula I have found only a few ticks on my collective pack. When I went to remove them, the ticks were already dying, mushy from consuming the herbal formula from my dog's blood stream that is only toxic to these insects not to mammals. If this is your first time using Earth MD outdoor shield, I recommend you back it up with a natural essential oil topical spray for the first month while earth md outdoor shield is getting into their bloodstream. Check out Totally Raw Outdoor Spray on our website. Thank you for choosing natural remedies, tell your friends, be your pet's voice; Say no to poisonous chemicals, the side effects are life altering. Keep them healthy, safe and happy naturally.

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