Walkn' Lift Combo Dog Harness

$50.00 $100.00

 Lift Combo Harness. Front and Back.

This 2-piece combo harness set helps pet parents give their aging, injured, or disabled dogs that extra lift!

Provides heavy-duty lifting support for the front and back end of your dog while saving your back.

    • Helps dogs with poor mobility or recovering from surgery or injury get in/out of a car, up/down stairs, outside to potty, or onto a bed.
    • Durable fleece-lined material and mesh leg rings for maximum comfort.
    • Mesh leg ring support allows dog to urinate or defecate with the harness on.
    • May be worn for extended periods of time.
    • Easy to wash, hang dry; comes in mesh bag.
    • Walkin’ Lift Combo Harness may also be purchased for just Front or just Rear.
  • Harnesses are often helpful if a pet has Degenerative Myelopathy; read this blog post for more information on DM.


SIZE MEDIUM : Weight 50-69lbs. Girth of abdomen 24-27"                                  SIZE LARGE:  Weight: 70-99lbs. Girth of abdomen: 27-30"                                   SIZE MEDIUM FRONT/LARGE REAR: 50-99lbs. Girth of Abdomen 27-30"

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