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Top It Nutritional Boost Supplement

Superboost your dog's food with Top It! A healthy and convenient way to add nutrition to your dogs' regular diet with 100 % human-grade, (baby-grade!) whole food ingredients. Rich in vitamins and nutrients. 

Reasons to love Top It!:

  • Easy to use re-sealable squeeze pouch.
  • One size for all dogs. Any size, any breed, any age. 
  • Enhances dog's diet. Especially kibble diets. 
  • Good for picky eaters. Cats like it too!
  • Great mixer for adding supplements/medications to meals
  • Health benefits: digestion, bone health, skin & coat, fresh breath.
  • Made in Canada.

When to use Top It!

  • To be used in conjunction with your dog's food. It's not a meal replacement.
  • When switching foods to help stabilize gut health.
  • To help mix in supplements like pills and powders into dog's food. 
  • Entice a picky eater. They love TopIt! Tested on the pickiest of eaters. 
  • Use on Kibble to improve bio-available nutrients. It's a SUPER BOOSTER!"


  • 1 Tablespoon of Top It! for every 1/4 cup of food. Or until thoroughly coated. 
  • Store at room temperature. When opened, Keep in fridge for up to 3 days.
  • Do not freeze Top It! in pouch. Can be squeezed into chew toys and ice cube trays and frozen. 

Ingredients: pear, spinach, sweet potato, chia, flax, turmeric, nutritional yeast, spirulina, vitamin e, collagen, omega 3&6, chlorophyll, fibre, prebiotics, antioxidants.

Made in Canada


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