Oli Dog CBD Oil


Oli Dog Wellness Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Pets.

Specifically formulated medicine for animals. Very important you choose the right concentration for you pet for accurate dosing.  

300mg concentration. For pets under 50lbs. 30ml bottle. 1ml=10mg of CBD (Cats to start with 1 single drop)

500mg concentration. 30ml bottle for dogs 50-110lbs. 1ml=20mg of CBD

1000mg concentration. For pets over 110lbs. 30ml bottle. 1ml=32mg CBD

2000mg concentration for dogs over 170lbs or dogs that are on 1ml twice a day from 1000mg concentration.

This product is non-intoxicating.
This is a full spectrum product that has been specially formulated for your pet and has been shown to help with arthritis, anxiety, allergies, IBD, diabetes and many other areas of your pet's health. 

Produced and tested in an ISO9001 certified lab.

Formulated in hemp seed carrier oil. This is an organic product. Store in refrigerator.

Dosage chart and observation journal sent with order. 

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