Kitty Krumble Food Topper

$20.00 $25.00

Apawthecary Pets Hemp Infused CAT FOOD TOPPER. Chicken flavour

  • Grain free, corn free pet treats
  • 3mg of hemp in each table spoon
  • Made with human grade food ingredients
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Alleviates pain from arthritis and helps maintain or restore youthful vitality
  • Helps with immune system, epilepsy/seizures.

Ingredients: Oat Flour, Chana Flour, Applesauce, Coconut Oil, Rolled Oats, Powdered Milk, Hemp Hearts, Hemp Protein, Hemp Oil, Eggs, Chicken Broth, Cinnamon, Hemp Terpenes, Vitamin E (for preservative).

Dosage: Sprinkle 1 tsp once a day over top of food.

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