K9 Choice Joint Support

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K9 Choice Joint Support (Glucosamine Alternative) For Dogs Made from Eggshell membrane. 90 tablets. These bacon flavored tablets can be ingested whole or cut/crushed and sprinkled over food.

K9 Choice Joint Support provides the nutritional raw materials necessary to promote joint health, stability and flexibility, plus a healthier skin and coat.* It is a natural alternative to glucosamine and works faster than glucosamine. K9 Choice contains Biovaplex tm, which is made from whey protein and eggshell membrane. K9 Choice Joint Support improves range of motion, promotes a natural anti-inflammatory response, provides antioxidants to reduce free radicals, and provides collagen for a lustrous and healthy coat.* K9 Choice Joint Support features key elements Collagen, Elastin, Desmosine, Glycosaminoglycans, and Transforming Growth Factor.

The Biova company developed a special, patent-pending process to remove the thin membrane inside the eggshell and compose it into a tablet, along with other beneficial ingredients. Egg membrane is very high in nutrients and transforming growth factor. Transforming growth factor is found in only 3 places in nature, egg membrane being one of them. It takes multiple eggs just to make one tablet of our K9 Joint Support.

How much should I give my dog?

For dogs under 25 lbs: give one tablet per day.
For dogs 25-50 lbs: give 2 tablets per day.
For dogs over 50 lbs: give 3 tablets per day.
These chewable tablets can be given to dogs whole or broken/crushed and sprinkled on food.

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