Hip-EEZ by Walkn' Pets


Walkn' Hip-EEZ Support System

The Walkin’ Hip-EEZ is a hip support device designed to provide support to the hip joint of pets.  Veterinary inspired, the Hip-EEZ support system benefits many hip conditions by combining the use of compression and support to the hip joint. Ideal for pets suffering from the following conditions: Hip Dysplasia, Arthritis, Conformational deformities, Trauma, Post-Surgical procedures

  • Walkin’ Hip-EEZ connects to a standard chest harness to keep the system up in place.
  • Reflective striping lines the leg panels and chest harness for improved visibility
  • Interchangeable attachments for multiple functions & conditions sold separately
  • Hip brace is made of soft, comfortable neoprene
  • Touch-fastener closures allowing for conformed, snug fit
  • Designed in the USA by Renee Mills, VT, CCRP (patent pending)..

How to use video.

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Donut: provides cushion to the surrounding tissue without pressure on hip joint.

Bridge: provides cushion and compression to the femoral head.

Cross Assist: a training tool to teach dogs to walk without legs crossing.

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