Handicapped Pets Bridge

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The Walkin’ Hip-EEZ Bridge attachment is designed to be adding to the Hip-EEZ full support system or amputee system. Made of medical grade foam and the Hip-EEZ Bridge is designed to sit directly over the Femoral Head which is part of the hip joint (Coxofemoral joint).

  • Provides cushion and compression to the Femoral Head
  • Helps pets suffering from mild to moderate Hip Sub-Luxation injuries.
  • Touch fastener attaches to inside panels of Hip-EEZ System
  • Works with Hip-EEZ Hip Support System & Hip-EEZ Amputee System
  • Designed in the USA by Renee Mills, VT, CCRP (patent pending).

It’s important to know the Hip-EEZ Bridge is a TOOL TO AIDE in the treatment of mild to moderate Hip-Subluxation injuries. It will NOT cure hip injuries on its own. Working with your Veterinarian and Veterinary Rehabilitation Professional are key to using the Hip-EEZ Bridge in a conservative management approach to any injury.

The Hip-EEZ Bridge is specially designed to aid in the conservative treatment of mild to moderate Hip Sub-Luxations. This product was designed specifically for those pets who may be suffering from multiple deficits and/or not good surgical candidates. The idea of the Hip-EEZ Bridge is it compresses down and in on the Femoral head when placed correctly and the leg panel is secured tightly. This compression along with a specific Rehabilitation program ideally will allow muscle strengthening and recovery while keeping the hip from sub-luxating. This concept will take months of strengthening exercises while wearing the Hip-EEZ Bridge. Of course this will not work for all cases and in the situation of a full Hip Luxation. It’s not a replacement to surgery for those pets who would benefit from a surgical procedure. The Hip-EEZ Bridge is a possible solution for those pets we see who surgery is not a viable option.

The Hip-EEZ Bridge may not work for all pets. For those pets it does help, months of wear and exercise will be key to recovery as directed by a professional. Each Hip Bridge attachment is sold separately to fit the needs of your pet.

*Consult your Veterinarian or Veterinary Rehabilitation Professional before use.

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