Cooling Vet Wrap


Cool Compressor Cohesive Wrap

PERFECT FOR HOT DAYS OR AS AN AID FOR HEAVY WORK OR to cool inflammation from an injury.

Heat can be a real enemy to animals.  

All that heat can affect their recovery, well-being, and performance.  There are ways to help beat the heat – icepacks, plaster compresses, fans – but many of them can impact the animal's ability to move freely, weigh them down, or have a hard time conforming to the natural, physical shape of the animal.   

This is a unique vet wrap, which offers both compression and a cooling effect that lasts for hours.  We use simple chemistries, such as ethanol, camphor, and water, to help draw heat away from the surface of the animal, using only a lightweight layer of fabric that can be torn by hand or cut with scissors. 

  • cooling effect up to 6 degrees and lasts for several hours
  • will not absorb water thanks to our special cohesive chemistry
  • stretches and tears easily and consistently
  • unwinding is consistent from the start to the end of the roll
  • allows airflow to wrapped area
  • Made in USA
  • Does not use any ingredients that are controlled or banned.
  • cooling effect to protect against heat
  • wrapping paws and hooves
  • positioning splints, braces, patches, medical products, wound treatments
  • protective wrapping during animal transport
  • To open: unscrew the lid, and puncture and remove the foil seal.  
  • To apply: the Cool Compressor sticks best when overlapping for several inches – try to work with a large overlap to get the best self-grip!  To get the greatest self-grip, apply pressure for 5-10 seconds on overlapping area.  This helps the cohesive bandage anchor to itself
  • To tear:  stretch the bandage before tearing;  when tearing, pull hands away from each other, and initiate the tear action from the hand holding the tape roll
  • Storage:  Store unused portion in the blue canister (included);  opened canisters will keep solution from drying out for weeks or months after opening


Packaging:  Plastic tube, which keeps it from drying out after opening.  Comes with foil cap to prevent drying out and keeping it stable for years before opening. 

Roll Size: 3" by 5 yards

Shelf Life: With the foil seal, Cool Compressor has a shelf life of over 1 year without drying out.

We set out to solve this issue with a global search for partners in cooling chemistry, and are proud to share our Cool Compressor Cohesive Wrap for the first time. Arrowhead makes 100% of its products in the USA, using our own equipment and materials in our plant located in Andover, MA.

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