Colloidal Silver

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Colloidal Silver 

Colloidal Silver (CS) kills all harmful bacteria without the destructive side effects of powerful pharmaceuticals (antibiotics). CS has been used for centuries to destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses without disturbing surrounding healthy tissue. This broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent suffocates fungus, virus and bacteria by destroying enzymes needed for oxygen metabolism. Presently the medical community uses Colloidal Silver to disinfect equipment. CS is also gaining popularity as a potent topical healing agent. However, CS is gentle enough to be put directly in the eyes (4 drops per infected eye) and is very effective against conjunctivitis.

Spray Colloidal Silver directly on wounds, cut, abrasions, hot spots, and yeasty ears (three doses per day) until healing occurs. CS is a crucial component for every pet owner’s first aid kit. Use on your whole family. 

Size: 250ml in a convient spray bottle.


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