Naturally Healthy Pet Protector Spray


Nature's Pet Protector Spray for dogs and cats made by Judy Meyers of Naturally Healthy Pets. Living and farming naturally for 40 years. She's passing on her passion of knowledge onto you. This blend is unique. It smells nice and it works. 

This proprietary formula was developed by an International Accredited Aromatherapist. You may have these ingredients on hand but it's all about the exact levels of combined ingredients that makes this spray so effective. 

Ingredients:  Distilled water, coconut oil, Essential oils:  Lavender, peppermint and tea tree. 


Dogs: Use daily. Spray onto dog's body. For their head and face, spray it into your hands first then rub on. Don't forget to spray yourself too! Nature's protector for us and our pets. 

Also spray, bedding, rugs, car interior, etc.  Unlike other sprays on the market, this spray will not discolour fabric or rugs. 

Cats: use only once or twice a month. Lightly spray or spray onto hands and rub into neck, back and base of tail. 


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