Handicapped Pets Carpal Splint

$20.00 $50.00

Walkin’ Carpal Splint is a lightweight support for the carpal joint, ideal for tendon and ligament damage, and stabilization after surgical procedures.

Conditions that may benefit from Walkin’ Carpal Splint include:

  • carpal hyperextension
  • carpal or metacarpal joint instabilities or malformations
  • osteoarthritis of the carpal joint
  • Degenerative Joint Disease of the Carpus (DJD)
  • soft tissue injuries to carpal tendons/ligaments
  • post-surgical protection.
  • To get more of a custom fit add Walkin' Custom-Fit Foam for an additional $9.00


Medium: Total length 6.25"

Large: Total length 6.5"

Note: The Walkin’ Carpal Splint will support the wrist or carpus only, and does not extend under the foot or paw of the animal. If full lower limb bracing is needed, please see our Walkin’ Front Splint.

For more information on how splints can help pets with injuries, visit this blog post.

It’s important to remember that any splint or bootie placed on a pet’s foot will need to be removed at bedtime, and should be removed for at least an hour during the day to allow the foot to breathe. During night time hours we recommend using the Walkin’ Wrist Hugger to continue to offer light support.

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