Dog Urn


Urn for your beloved dog.

Having been there myself at this difficult time, I understand your sadness.

Our dog was not typical but the available containers for her ashes were typical, uninspired and impersonal. We wanted to honour her unique personality through art. My wide search did not come up with anything special until now.

Donna Koegl is a one of a kind, dog loving artist based in Toronto. Donna is the only clay artist to use a variety of size, shape, colour, texture and glaze to honour your dog's spirit as celebrated by you. 

Please contact us for a custom, hand made urn for your very special dog. Prices start at $180 based on custom colours, texture and particular details. There are many specific possibilities. 

Please allow 4-6 weeks. Shipping cost based on weight. Pick up available. 

Email request to  Or call toll free: 1-844-364-7243

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