Apawthecary Pets Hemp Terpenes To The Rescue July 24, 2018 16:00

Penny's story of her two handsome Whippets will give you hope when it comes to stressful situations like bringing home a new dog. Every dog is special in their own way. However, history, new environments and routines can be stressful on the whole family.  Here is how Liam and Milton learned to get along as told by their mamma, Penny. (Liam is White, Milton is Brindle)
Liam and Milton are both whippet rescues, Liam coming to our home first, to be company for our senior Whippet. He was/is the most perfect dog I have ever had! Happy, sweet, loving and extremely affectionate.  Great with other dogs and people in any situation.  
We then lost our senior Whippet and Liam was alone.  The opportunity came to bring Milton into our home.   
For the first time, we found a dog that Liam didn’t like!  They had several serious squabbles weekly.  Liam had his hackles up so much I thought he was a Rhodesian Ridgeback!  We had to remove all toys and bought a second cave bed, as they fought when trying to share the bed, despite being an extra large and big enough for both.  Milton also started to pee on our leather couch almost daily, about a month after living here.  
I had tried using Rescue Remedy on Liam but it just made him very dull and not his happy self, plus he still didn’t like Milton!
Four months in they still did not get along and it was suggested we try CBD oil.  
Well, the first week on CBD oil they only had one fight and Milton only peed on the couch once!!!  Laura helped immensely with dosing and gradually increasing until we found their “sweet spot” as Laura calls it!!
We now have a harmonious home with 2 happy whippies, as you can see!  They still are learning how to play together but we can keep them from going too far with a verbal correction, and we seldom if ever see Liam’s hackles and no more peeing in the house!
Thank you Laura and CBD oil!
For more information on how CBD oil can help your dog, please email Laura@dogsage.ca